4/14/18 LOST: grey, male cat in Bloomington, IL.

  • Name: Katie Hudson Henderson
  • Location: Bloomington, IL
  • Phone Number: NA
  • Lost or Found: LOST A PET
  • Lost or Found Date: 4/9/18
  • Email:

A grey, male cat is missing in Bloomington, IL. The cat goes by “KC” or “Kip the Cat” and is reported to be approximately 19 years old. Was last seen near the Towanda/Elmwood/Colton area. Please contact Katie Hudson Henderson with any information. https://www.facebook.com/katie.h.henderson.7?fref=gs&hc_ref=ARRN7FADD-iq0iVjQqwOylIiQs-u-myfVZmf0zM-JohHwhACFX4Hb3ejwyvPpXo_fws&dti=510764685722689&hc_location=group

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