Missing/Stolen 2 Cats…Please Help Me Bring Them Home!

Sadly…2 of my cats (Faith is the whiye calico…Hermes os the orange one), are missing here in Anchor, IL! What’s even sadder is they went missing the same day as a neighbor threatened to do harm to the cats of Anchor. It is heartbreaking, but I do not believe in coincidences. Please share so that we can return Hermes and Faith to their wonderful loving home!!!

3/21/17 LOST: male, brindle dog in Normal, IL

A male, brindle floored dog is missing in Normal, IL. Was last seen wearing a blue harness in the Hovey Ave. area. Goes by the name of “Moses” Please contact Josh Laughlin with any information.

3/19/17 Calico Cat Lost in South Bloomington

Lost cat last seen at the south end of Bloomington in Brookridge Heights Apartments 3101 Rudder Lane on 3/19 at 8pm. Friendly vocal female calico. Approximately 12 lbs still has all claws, tan tipped tail. She is microchipped. Owner offering a reward. Contact Olivia Liv at (630)901-1856.

Found small black and white terrier mix

Small black and white terrier mix found across the street from Caseys and hucks in Heyworth IL near Bloomington IL

3/18/17 Dog Lost Husky in Normal IL

Dog missing from S Oak Street in Normal. His name is Ozzy. He doesn’t have his collar on. Ozzy is extremely friendly and will easily jump into a car. Please contact Kyle Nathan Willey at 309-275-6446 if you see him.

Found Orange and White Tabby in Normal Off of Orlando

He is a very friendly orange and white tabby. No tags and no microchip. He is not declawed and not neutered. It’s obvious, however, that someone has been feeding and caring for this little guy. He is very healthy, no fleas or ticks but I do not know about shots.

3/16/17 FOUND: black, male cat in Bloomington, IL

A young, male cat was found in Bloomington, IL. He was found near Danbury Ct and Fox Creek Rd. Good samaritans who picked him up will be holding him until his owner is found. Please contact Tiffany Michelle with any information. https://www.facebook.com/tiffany.arroyo2?fref=nf

3/16/17 LOST: grey, male cat in Normal, IL

A male, grey cat is missing in Normal, IL. He was last seen near Parkside elementary school in Normal, IL around March 1st. He may answer to the name Mario. Please contact Gary W. DeLashmit with any information. https://www.facebook.com/gary.delashmit?fref=nf

3/15/17 Lost Cat Gray/Peach Female

Alberta went missing this morning from her home near Bromenn Hospital in Normal. (Virginia and Franklin) She is gray and peach female – 7 years old and about 7 pounds. She is very skittish.

3/15/17 Dog Lost Chihuahua/ Pug mix

Small female dog slipped out of collar at around 6:15 in the Landings Estate Park off Linden St in North Normal. Her name is Chica, she is a Chihuahua/ Pug mix and is 10 years old. She does have a microchip. Please contact Jaime Zang @ 309 261 7763 with information.