1/5/18 FOUND: orange cat in Normal, IL

  • Name: Sarah Knecht- Berndt
  • Location: Normal, IL
  • Phone Number: NA
  • Lost or Found: FOUND A PET
  • Lost or Found Date: 1/2/18
  • Email:

A very thin/young, orange cat was found near Alexander’s Steakhouse in Normal, I. The cat is reported to be very friendly and appears to have been a stray for a long period of time. Please contact Sarah Knecht- Berndt with any information. https://www.facebook.com/sarah.knechtberndt?fref=gs&hc_ref=ARTyrfXvsEfx6WRDvD_wav7d5J8EAXIYvqeyRzBkFf847JF6kT5hHAtQ0O9CxSkyxbo&dti=510764685722689&hc_location=group

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