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Lost cat

Female gray tabby with white belly. Name: Flynn. Skiddish but food motivated. Has bilateral luxating patellas so when she runs she tends to hop/scurry like a bunny. Likes to lick/groom everything and everyone. Roughly 10 lbs. Escaped in North Normal School St/Orlando St area. Please contact Allison if you’ve seen her

Found lost cat

My neighbor informed me that there is a lost cat hanging out on his deck. If you are missing your cat or would like to adopt a good looking cat please call Gary at 309.531.8284 or Terry 309.830.3538. He seems healthy and friendly.”

Lost cat

My lost cat is a calico, multicolored, long-haired female. Very friendly. Back claws only. She was lost on North Adelaide Street. She has a white chest and belly. Please help!

Found Springer Spaniel 5 miles South East of Bloomington,il.

orange and white male spaniel